Few Tips to Keep Your Fresh water Fish Happy and Healthy
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Aquarium fish Fish Tank
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In my tank i have 2 fresh water angel fish, few golden fish, two snails, 1 Bala Shark.

Let new fish used to new climate
Allow new fish to adjust to their new home without being shocked
by sudden changes. Do not immediately put the new fish into tank.

Give them some time to adjust to temperature, environment. Float
the sealed bag of fish in your aquarium for 15 to 30 minutes. Do
this so they can adjust to the temperature.

If they are sensitive, You can add some water from your aquarium
and keep the fish in the bag for few minutes. This will help fish to
adjust to temperature and chemistry together slowly.

Water Changes
Look at the water to ensure it is not cloudy, does not have a foul odor.

It is recommended to change 25 percent of your aquarium water
at least once a month. Doing weekly or biweekly 25% water
changes will keep your fish happy and healthy and it keeps nitrate
concentrations at a safe level. Invest a gravel siphon or vacuum or
you can make one at home to siphon out water. you can also use
dechlorinator, this should be added every time tap water is put into
the tank, as chlorine is not good for fish.

I generally replace half of the water once in 2 weeks.

Maintain adequate water temperature
Changes in temperature can affect your fish. Initially my fish died
because of low temperature. Don’t place your aquarium next to
heating or air conditioning vents as drastic temperature changes
can make your fish sick or even kill them. You can ask shop owner
what temperature needs to be maintained depending on the
species. Invest in an aquatic heater for your tank. It is really

Do not Overcrowd
Overcrowding can lead to low oxygen levels in the water. Another
crisis of overcrowding includes excess waste, which clogs the
filter and degrades your aquarium water. In addition, too many fish
in small spaces can cause fatalities.

Clean the sides of the tank
Algae buildup on glasses decreases oxygen level in water. It can
create health concerns for your fish, plants. Algae will consume
oxygen from water which is needed for fish and plants. It should
be removed regularly by brush or something from the aquarium.

Chose a filter system that will be right for you. There are many out
there, each requiring different amounts of care and maintenance.

Get a hood
Lots of fish are good jumpers and need to have the tank covered
so they don’t jump out of the tank. I found my Rainbow Shark
jumped out of the tank and died very next morning. After that I
always keep cover on.

Equipment Check – Make sure the filter, heater, and lights are working properly

Behavior Check
Take a few minutes to watch the fish to see if they are swimming normally. Additionally, look at their skin, looking for any white/black spots.

Recommended Aquarium Maintenance Routine

Make sure the equipment is running properly.
Watch your fish during feeding. Behavioral changes are a good
indicator of a potential problem.

Count your fish.

Every Other Week
Replace 15-25% of the water .
Vacuum the gravel .
Clean the aquarium walls.
Rinse filter inserts, cartridges.

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