Stress can cause a lot of problems in people but did you know that fishes become stressed too? You will know more about this if you have a pond in your garden or backyard. In fact, a lot of fish pond owners are alarmed if their fishes die unexpectedly. OneContinue Reading

Saltwater aquariums should generally contain fewer fish than freshwater tanks because the species tend to grow bigger in size. Marine species may be bred in a captive environment, or caught in the wild. Captive-bred species are easier to care for and usually hardier than caught species. It generates a greatContinue Reading

Keeping Goldfish can be a fun and rewarding hobby. As with any new hobby, especially one that involves living creatures, always consider the maintenance that will be involved. If you care for your aquarium properly, you will be sure to have happy and healthy Goldfish for many years. Goldfish haveContinue Reading

Aquarium fish are any type of fish that can exist outside of the great wide open of the natural environment and instead thrive normally in an aquarium. An aquarium is any enclosed container of water that allows for the sustenance of fish, plants, and other wildlife inside the enclosure. TheseContinue Reading

Freshwater fish are perhaps the easiest fish to care for in comparison to saltwater species because they are usually hardier fish. A basic aquarium set up will be required. You will need a tank, some rocks or substrate to line bottom of the tank. You will also need a filter,Continue Reading

There are some species of coral that can survive with the normal amount of lighting, so for the beginner, you may want to stick to these species. Specifically, Mushroom Coral and Coral Polyps can survive with normal lighting techniques. Conversely, species such as SPS (Small Polyp Stony Coral) that includeContinue Reading

Adding live plants to an aquarium does more than just improve aesthetics – plants provide shelter, food for vegetarian fish, and prevent green water. Plants also soak up carbon dioxide, waste products, contribute oxygen to the water, and promote the growth of algae, tiny worms, rotifers, and protozoa, providing liveContinue Reading