This is a 170 liter tank I set-up for my Angelfish, the video might help with angelfish care & tank set-up.

Basics Information –
Angelfish are Cichlids which are native to South America, their natural habitat includes heavily vegetated slow flowing water bodies & flooded areas most found in Amazon river basin Orinico Basin. These freshwater Angelfish’s scientific name is “Pterophyllum” in Greek, which literally translates into winged-leaf, the flat oval shape is the reason.The naturally occurring Angel fish are usually with long stripes running on their body. The ones which are found in the wild are Leopoldi, Altum & Scalare etc with new species & sub-species being found every year.
Other common Angel fish found in Home Aquarium are Koi Angelfish, Marble Angel fish that you see in the video, Silver Angelfish, Veil-tail Angelfish, Sunset Angelfish, Gold Pearl Scale Angelfish & so on.Angel fish Life Span is 8 to 10 years in an Aquarium & can grow up to 6 inches in length & 5 inches tall.

Aquarium Care for Angelfish –
Tank Size – 20 Gallon or more for breeding pair, 40 Gallon or more for Community Tank.

Filtration – Water Movement should be Minimal as Angelfish are weak swimmers. Use a HOB filter

Tank Decor – Sand for tank bottom, rocks, Live plants & Driftwood.
Sand- Appropriate sand for Live plants
Rocks- To create hiding places
Plants – Angelfish Tank should have live plants this mimics their Natural Habitat & Plants help control Nitrates
Driftwood – This helps to maintain lower pH in a Angel fish tank

Water Parameters –
pH Range – 6.5 to 7.5, However angelfish prefer slightly acidic
Temperature Range – 76 to 82 degree F (24.4 to 27.7 degree C)
Water Hardness – 5 to 13 dH

Food – Pellets, Flakes, Freeze dried worms, live food & Vegetables
Tank Mates- Gourami, Mollies, Dollar Fish, Tetras, Guppies etc

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