In this video, I give you a list of the ten worst fish keeping lies and myths. These are all things that are not true about freshwater aquariums and hopefully this video will help you understand what to listen to with all the noise around!

The 10 things listed in this video:

1. A bigger filter means less work
A bigger filter might have more media that will help create more beneficial bacteria for your tank, but bad chemicals in the water will always build up in any fish tank.

2. You can get fish that “clean” your tank
Bristlenose plecos and many other “cleaner fish” can be really good for minimising some types of algae in your aquarium. However, they do not mean less work for you and in fact will create more waste than most other fish in your aquarium.

3. Being fastidiously clean is good
Over-cleaning in an aquarium can be very dangerous as it kills the beneficial bacteria that aid in the nitrate cycle of your tank. Make sure that you do frequent water changes in your aquarium and that when you clean your filter, use old aquarium water. Tap water contains chlorine that will kill the bacteria hiding in your filter.

4. Leave your tank cycle for a month
You need ammonia to start the cycle of a tank. Leaving a tank sit and “cycle” for a month will not do anything. I suggest adding a little piece of meat to rot in the aquarium when cycling as this will create ammonia to get the cycle started.

5. Fish only grow to the size of their tank
Fish grow as big as their DNA tells them, not what you tell them.

6. Bubbles from the substrate are toxic
Aquarium substrate provides a home to many beneficial bacteria as it has a huge amount of surface area. This creates a large amount of biological action and in turn makes lots of different gasses. These are not harmful to fish!

7. Adding old aquarium water to a new aquarium will cycle it faster
Water doesn’t home beneficial bacteria, the surfaces of your aquarium do. Water from an old aquarium will not cycle a new tank faster.

8. You have to clean the substrate in your fish tank
Not true! The substrate holds a large portion of beneficial bacteria and cleaning this can ruin the cycle of your tank. I never mess with my substrate in my tanks.

9. Adding salt to the water prevents and kills disease
Salt can be deadly for many freshwater fish if not dosed correctly. I recommend using branded medications in your aquarium instead as they are much more reliable.

10. Smaller tanks are best for beginners.
Smaller tanks are normally harder to take care of than big tanks because they have very little room for error due to their small volume of water.

Thanks so much for watching!

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