Aquarium black Rhom piranha feeding and care. Fish tank setup is fairly easy as long as you have a descent size tank. Piranhas are always thought of to be the biggest freshwater predator but I’m not sure on that.

Hikari Predator Food:

Some more talk on fish aquariums:
Hey guys, I’m moving and either today or tomorrow I have to tackle the task of moving my goldfish. I have one common about the length of my hand. I need tips on moving him. I don’t have any sort of portable filter but the new house is about 45 minutes away. I don’t even know what to put him in at this point. I don’t have any 5 gallon buckets I only have his tank and an extra 10 gallon tank.

Also, I don’t have a lot of extra money to go buy anything. I’ve spent it all on this move. Any help is very much so appreciated! My parents just think we should throw him in a one gallon fish bowl we have (never used for fish don’t worry) and I can hold it while we drive over but I’m sure that’ll slosh around all over the place and he’d be uncomfortable.

Your body bet if you cant go buy anything is the small fish tank or the bowl. Stretch cling film over it and poke some air holes in middle. It will splash. Just make sure tank is set up very quickly. Male sure you keep filters wet also.

So I could put him in the bowl with suran wrap and poke holes in it? I plan on moving him into his tank very very quickly. I’ve got a bunch of milk jugs to keep some of his water in and I can keep the filter wet.

Sure, you can tape the lid on with duct tape so it doesn’t leak. Then you’ve got the water he’s used to to refill your tank with. Go to any petstore buy a medical oxygen in a plastic bag. You can transfer your fish through fish bags.. Like the fish seller do when you 1st buy your fish. Less stress for the fish less hassle on your part, and you can acclimate your fish directly after you arrive.

The store I buy my goldfish from is about an hour and a half from my house. When I go to buy a new fish (or 6) I take a cooler with a freezer pack and a towel. Put the freezer pac in the cooler put the towel on top. You can’t hurt the fish by being a little chilly you can kill them if it’s to hot. You can probably get water tight bags from your local petsmart or petco. Pack them up, take the airline from your airpump, put the airline IN THE WATER in the bag and blow up the bag. In the cooler they go and hit the road. I would avoid garbage bags only because it’s hard to know if there is any toxic water soluble chemicals or perfume on them.

I would use your 10 gallon to transport. It’s only 45 minutes. It wouldn’t be any different than a bucket besides a little more room in the tank.

I think imma use the 10 gallon for all the decorations and filter to keep them wet and then have him in the bowl with suran wrap. We’re moving him tomorrow so wish me luck. I forgot to update everyone but he’s doing good! Was able to move him into his new tank and he seems great.

Please go into the group discussion and post a few basic facts for everyone! Including tank sizing, proper filtration and oxygen. Ugh I feel so bad for those fish, they’ll be so scared. It’s pretty vague, it says treated water will be removed and then “plain” water will be added. Despite the fact that the water will need to be treated to allow for goldfish.

Whoever organised the event doesn’t seem to have much of an understanding of goldfish or water. I travel very frequently and I would just buy them some duckweed or azolla. Don’t even use auto feeder as the pellets etc are very high in nutrients and cane foul the water quite quickly. Am away for 3 weeks now and did the same.

Yeah depends on how much u feed per week. They will gobble up the duck weed in no time in one shot. Better to have a quality sinking pellet and control the portions . I breed them and have auto feeders in all my young tanks they get fed 3 times a day.

Just leave them as they are. Do a water change approx a third and don’t feed anything and don’t worry while you are away they will be fine. Unless they are babies they can go for ages without food. Better that than come home to a tank full of dead fish because of overfeeding prior to dearture or during the holiday,sure they will be very hungry but you can make it up to them when you get back. Enjoy a great holiday

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