This video shows the novice fish-keeper the basics of keeping their fish tank clean and the fish healthy. It shows the different methods of cleaning the algae off the glass. Changing the water by using the water syphon is explained with tips on how to get the syphon to start, which some people find quite tricky. The water syphon takes the detritus which settles in the gravel at the bottom of the tank as opposed to using a jug which just takes the clean water off the top. It also explains which chemicals have to be added to the replacement water and how to pour the water into the tank without causing stress to the fish.

Cleaning the filters is explained in detail as is their individual function; either to provide beneficial bacteria or to trap the particles which prevent the water from being crystal clear. It also explains why one filter can be cleaned in tap water and the one containing the beneficial bacteria has to be rinsed out in the water which has been taken out of the tank when you did the water change.

Cleaning the impeller is one task that is often overlooked, but this video explains how to clean it and why it should be kept in good condition. Watching this video will show you how easy it is to begin with fish keeping and keep your fish happy.

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