This freshwater stingray care guide should help you decide if a stingray home aquarium is right for you. Anthony from Long Island Fish Guy shares his knowledge of freshwater stingrays and his own mini marble motoro hybrid stingray named Steve with us. From fish tank size to eating habits and even tankmates, he breaks down what it takes to successfully keep a freshwater stingray home aquarium.

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Here at Wild Fish Tanks aquarium channel we collect different species of aquarium fish and aquatic plants for your freshwater aquarium. Native Florida but no limit to where we may explore, We focus on keeping it cheap, learning and sharing our knowledge of the tropical fish hobby, and even try our hand at breeding our pet fish and shrimp!

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SunSun Canister Filter:
SunSun PowerHead:

Python Water Change System:
Silicone Air Line:
Adhesive Cable/Cord Clips:
Beaded Cable Tie Organizers:
Shrimp Feeding Dish:

Seachem Prime:
Seachem Safe:
Mini Measuring Spoons:
Seachem Stability:
TDS Meter:
API Test Strips:
API Master Test Kit:

New Life Spectrum Cichlid Pellets:
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Hikari Crab Cuisine:
Aquatic Arts Sinking Spirulina Pellets:
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Golden Pearls Fry Food:
Bacter AE For Shrimp:
Catappa (Almond) Leaves:
Alder Cones:

LifeGard 1/2″ Bulkhead:
LifeGard 3/4″ Bulkhead:
LifeGard 1″ Bulkhead:
Teflon Pipe Threading Tape:
Frosted or Black Background:
Irrigation Tubing:
Irrigation Barb Connectors:
Drip Emitters:
Titanium Step Drill Bit:

CaribSea Cichlid Sand:

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