Care tips for Aquarium shark || How to care or maintain Iridescent shark

Taiyo Pluss Discovery Aquarium Discovery Special Fish Food, 1 kg Big pellets :-

Taiyo Pluss Discovery Turtle Food, 1kg:-

TAIYO PLUSS DISCOVERY Hired 1kg Container:-

Taiyo Pluss Discovery Fish Food, 500gm Pouch – Pack of 2:-

Foodie Puppies Taiyo Pluss Discovery Vacation Weekend Holiday Fish Food, 10 g (Pack of 2):-

Taiyo Pluss Discovery Fast Red, 330g with Fast Growth, 330g and Spirulina, 330g:-

Optimum Fish Food, 400 g -Pack of 2:-

Optimum CP 3-in-1 Highly Nutritious Aquarium Fish Food for All Fishes, 100 g (Pack of 2):-

Foodie Puppies Optimum Nutritious Aquatic Fish Food Small Pellet 1Kg:-

Foodie Puppies Optimum 3 in 1 Super Formula Fish Food for Carp, Goldfish and Cichlid Spirulina 12% Floating Type Small Pellet (400g):-

Generic Optimum 3-in-1 Fish Food (454g):-

Royal Pet Siso Freeze Dried Red Shrimp Fish Food (220Gm):-

Fifozon Dry Fish Seafood – Dry Tiny Baby Shrimp – 250 Grams:-

Hellopets Special Blood Worms, 55 Gms:-

PROBUGS Eco-Fresh Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Fish & Reptiles – Best Fish Food:-

ProtynGrubs BSF Live Larvae Treat – Food for Aquarium Fishes – High Protein and 50x More Calcium Than Mealworm (100 Larvae):-

Aquarium products yaha se khareede :-

Rid All 3 In 1 Fish Medicine Pack 120Ml Each (Anti Chlorine, Anti Ich, General Aid):-

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