Come along as I tour this HUGE fish store! In part one, we look at the enormous freshwater section of Gerber’s Tropical Fish.

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In this aquarium fish shop tour, I take you to Dayton Ohio to visit the largest fish store in the area, Gerber’s Tropical Fish. This aquarium shop is absolutely epic!! Their fish warehouse is full of all kinds of unusual and interesting fish, some very hard to find! They also have some very large tanks with a variety of monster fish including red tail catfish, alligator gar, tiger shovelnose catfish and more!
I saw archer fish, false tigrinis, golden vampire plecos, motoro stingrays, discus, gray ghost knife fish, ornate bichir, African Scat…
The selection of fish at this aquarium shop just seems to go on for days!!
This is one of my favorite aquarium shops and I’ve been really looking forward to doing this fish store tour.
Gerber’s Tropical Fish is renowned throughout the state as one of the biggest and best fish stores in Ohio and is also now known by many across the country due to the fish store tour that Dustin’s Fish Tanks did here.
This is definitely one fish store that if you’re ever in the southwest Ohio, Dayton, Columbus or Cincinnati area you will definitely want to visit!

Thanks for coming along with me on this fish store aquarium shop tour!!

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