Aquarium freshwater angelfish tank Care is super easy. These fish are great Beginner fish and work well with lots of other tank mates. Angelfish will always have a special spot in my heart. The food I used in this video was omega one brand. Here is a link:

Omega One Food:

More fish tank talk:
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Noobies. My plants, as you can see, dont have time to make the bubbles so slow…to keep them like that, if you look again in the video, they are breathing. And just for your info, the co2 is dizolved into a reactor so there are no bubbles from that, and the filter is sealed and doesnt microbubble. So bubble from where my friend?

But dissolved gas can collect and condense into bubbles. They’re both right from what I know. Pearling would be happening on the surface of the leaves not underneath. As for the streaming gas bubble, the tiny structures of the plant leaf are what is damaged and can’t be seen visibly with the naked eye.

That leaf was not damaged at all, it is not the only plant that does that. But that was puffing hard. Normally, the “pearling effect comes from the refraction of light through the oxigen bubble. It doesnt have to be on top or on the bottom. Either way works, as long as the bubbles remain in the water for light to go through them.

But you are under the impression that those bubbles are trapped or something like that. The whole tank is like that and no, i have no microbubbles in water coming from the filter or the co2 reactor, cause i like my water crystal. But how can i explain this to you? Angelfish don’t like that.

The video is damage not pearling, the photo you posted above is pearling as the stroma on these wide leaf plants are on the bottom of the leaves not the top… and how ya gonna say its not damaged bc the plants next to it are pearling properly… look at the algae covering it.

I want to thank everyone who took their time to write here. It was a great night last night, but i have to come clean. All of you are semi right. The effect you see in the video is leaking oxigen from the plant on the top of the leaf. But this is not due to prior damage to that leaf. When you tend to push plants to the limit, some stem plants with thin stem tend to bleed oxigen like that due to pressure inside the plant. For example you dont see this effect in pogostemon erectus right next to it…why? Because it has a thicker stem and is able to regulate the pressure inside the leaf…distributing the produced oxigen to the bottom of the original stem, where it it either goes to the roots or leaks out throu the old cut (before planting it). So the effect you see here is a pressure valve build in the leaf so it doesn’t brake the cell structure all in all. It is not due to damage.

Its day 28 from startup and no hands have touched the plants ever since. The interesting thing that i did not get to mention is that this effect happens only at a certain depth ( or distance from either the soil or the water surface. And each day ( daily light cycle ) if you choose the exact same leaf, it starts with producing zero vizible oxigen (from hour zero of light) and it take 40-45 min to pearl. But after 2-3 hours it starts releasing oxigen like you see in the video. INTERESTING is each day the release valve changes the location on the leaf, the same leaf. Now you do the math and tell me: leaf starts pearling and takes 2-3 hours(lagging) to release on surface (like in the video) + the release changes the location each day + a damaged plant would start bleed oxigen on top as soon as pearling( like someone mentioned here with the cuttings, cut a plant and will start bleeding when photosynthesis happens). Now you draw the conclusions.

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