In the fish keeping hobby we are normally split into two sections, People who keep freshwater fish and people who keep saltwater fish. In this video i will be covering the fish that don’t quite fit into this rule and can survive in freshwater tanks and saltwater tanks.

I have tried to stay away from some of the obvious fish such as salmon for this top 8 list as many people know that salmon start their lives in the river and then go out to see before returning to rivers to spawn. Not all of the fish in this list are aquarium safe such as the giant grouper or bumble bee grouper as it is the biggest reef fish in the world and you would need a giant aquarium to house it.

I have narrowed the list down to 8 fish but there are many more out there that could be added to this list but i found that these were the most shocking or interesting fish. the northern pike was a shock for me as i know it as a freshwater predator.

Thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments

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